Mr. Muhammad Abdul Rauf Siddiqui was born in Nawabshah on 15 April 1961. Got secondary level education from Nawabshah  and B.A. from University of Karachi.

After completing education, he shifted to middle east, where he engaged himself in numerous socio welfare organization; one being “Monhibban-e-Pakistan. He headed this Middle East based organization for about ten years. One of the main objects of this was to focus & solve the issues/difficulties being faced by Pakistani residents in middle east countries, which he has been doing successfully. 

Interesting being Engineer by education he is  poet, writer and columnist also, and well known in the circle. His poetry book in urdu “Guftar-pe-Taazeerain” has recently been published.

In 1988, Mr. Rauf Siddiqui joined MQM and was nominated to contest in general election for National Assembly constituency No: NA 242 and Provincial Assembly from constituency No :PS 115. By his 24 hours canvassing and by the grace of Almighty, he was elected from both the constituencies. Later, as party policy, he resigned from National Assembly. Again in general election of 2008, he contested and was elected from Provincial constituency No: PS 115

In appreciation of his honest, sincere and devoted services,  he was given the position of Minister of Excise and Taxation where he served from Jan 01 2003 to March 2008


Main facility extended during this tenure was the waiver of property tax on house upto 120 sq. yds. He was upgraded to hold charge as  Minister, Internal Affairs (Home Ministry) where he served from  July 01 2004  to August 2006. There he was famous in upgrading the police status in matter of schooling their children and reasonably raising the salaries. He had still more planes for the police with a view to minimizing the financial corruption. And then he served September 2006 to November 2007 as Minister Culture, Tourism & Social Welfare. Another landmark to his credit is the launching of official awards to be presented to the Naat Khwans on their extra ordinary performances. This ceremony takes place in the last Ashra of the holy month of Ramazan. The same awards have  never been announced earlier in the world’s history.

Presently he is serving as Minister for Industries & Trade in present set up of coalition Government.
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